Say goodbye to tangled leashes

Need a convenient, grab-n-go solution to walking your dogs?

❌Tangled Leashes

❌Tangled Legs

❌Tangled Doggies

Is taking your dogs out no fun anymore?

Walking your two pups can be such a chore. Running around the house, looking for two leashes, two sets of poop bags, two of everything.

Once you actually start to walk your dogs, they bounce all over the place like children after a hefty Halloween candy haul.

Soon, what started out as a joyful jaunt has turned into your newfound nightmare, climaxing with you being tangled in a spider web of leashes!

Not fun, not safe.

We can help fix this.

Bring the Joy Back

You can relieve the frustration for you and your pups and get back to enjoying your satisfying strolls.

The Troop Trot's™ retractable leashes will instantly cause tangles to be a thing of the past.

You'll notice your focus being free, letting you take in your surroundings.

After all, you won't have to place all your attention towards detangling your boppy bunch.

Love walking your dogs again!

✔️One, all-inclusive leash

✔️Tangle-free design

✔️Convenient, grab-n-go setup

✔️Happy pups and owners


❌Two, tangled leashes

❌Wrapped up feet

❌Looking for walking supplies

❌Frustrating walking experience


The Troop Trot™

The Troop Trot™ is a tangle free, two dog retractable leash.

Our 360° swivel head is an ingenious way to walk two dogs without the hassle of tangled leashes.

Retractable design keeps slight tension on the leashes, keeping them from wrapping around one another.

You and your pups will be a well oiled machine and the pride of the neighborhood in no time!


360° Spinning Head

Our unique spinning heads is constructed with a high quality ball bearing to ensure smooth, fluent rotation.

Dual Locking Sliders

Independent sliders can stop extension of leash, separately. They're color coded to match the leash color for when your pups swap sides.

Light and Bag Holder

The removeable light and bag holder is perfect for late night strolls or getting caught staring at a sunset for too long. The bag holder is great for picking up your pups little messes.

More Features:

🐾Long, 3 meter (~10 feet) leash length

🐾Sewn with reflective tape for night walks

🐾Two sturdy-headed leash locks

🐾Flashlight for night walks

🐾Compact, one-handed design

Is Troop Trot™ right for me?

We understand the importance of safety and maintaining control over your lively little troop. We would never want to put you or your pups in a hazardous situation. Because of this, we know that a retractable leash may not be for everyone.

If you're on the fence about retractable leashes, here are some resources to help you decide if the Troop Trot™ is right for you.

If you already use a retractable leash, then rest assured that the Troop Trot™ will make your life much easier. Some might even claim it makes taking your dogs out seem like a... walk in the park (sorry).

Our Mission

Whether it be through the woods, in the park, or just to the mailbox, we love walking with our dogs. Seeing them happy makes us happy. At Troop Trot™, our mission is to ensure that you and your pups have a pleasurable walking experience no matter the length of the trip!