Tumbling Treat Dispenser Toy

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Keep your pup engaged!

Are you pups bored of the same old toys? Do they mope around the house on rainy days, yearning for some playtime? We have the answer!

This tumbling treat dispenser will keep your pup poppin' those treats down with delight. This bottom heavy toy was designed to stay upright when knocked around, swaying like a newborn baby trying to walk.

Your dog will bop it around and keep coming back.


🐾Unique toy keeps your pup smacking away for treats and kibble

🐾Expends pent up energy, keeping destructive behavior at bay

🐾Great way to slow down an overly eager eater


🐾Adjustable hole size for different size treats

🐾Unscrews into 3 pieces, making it easy to clean

🐾Bottom heavy design keeps toy upright

🐾Two holes in the bottom for different treat outputs


10cm at the base

12cm tall


1x Tumbling Treat Dispenser

Please note: Due to the rough nature in which this product can be used, we cannot offer our 90 day refund policy. If you feel the product has underperformed, please email us at help@trooptrot.com and we will be happy to hear you out and discuss return/refund options.

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