Amazing Anti-Pull Dog Collar

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Is your dog a determined leash puller?

🐾We can fix that.

But first, let's get two things out of the way before we explain how this collar works.

  1. This is a harmless, humane way to teach your pup that leash pulling is not an acceptable action.
  2. If your pup is wearing this, you WILL get this question from curious kids and assuming adults.

"Why does your dog have a muzzle on?"

🐾However, this collar is not a muzzle. Your pooch will be free to breathe, pant, sniff, bark and even bite while wearing this collar.

The purpose of this collar is to train your pup that leash pulling is not something you will tolerate.

The best part is, it's as easy as putting this collar on them. They'll learn on their very own.

Okay. So how does it work?

🐾In the picture above, you'll notice that the leash is attached to a metal ring underneath the pup's stout. That ring is attached to a nylon loop that runs around the bridge of the nose.

As your pup pulls the leash, tension is created. In turn, that tension redirects pressure to your pup's snout causing the head to turn.

🐾Your pup will want to look forward while walking, not to the side.

This causes your dog to quickly put two and two together.

"If I don't put tension on this leash, my head can stay forward. Yipee!"

It's really is as simple as that. Put the collar on and your dog will learn not to pull surprisingly fast.

How do I put this thing on?

🦴Locate the nylon loop with the singular metal ring dangling from it.

🦴Insert your dog's nose into the nylon loop with the metal ring positioned underneath their snout.

 🦴Swing other nylon loop around neck and buckle on the back side of the neck

 🦴Adjust the loops accordingly. Make sure the loop around the snout is snug but not too tight. The loop around the neck should be loose enough to fit three fingers beneath.

🦴 Clip your leash to metal ring beneath the snout.

 🦴Walk to your heart's content!


Tips for first time users

🐾Use a short leash when learning - This will ensure that your dog is safe from any momentum he may build up before learning the effects of the collar. While this collar is harmless when used correctly, you don't want your pooch to get a running start before learning that his head is going to get turned to the side with leash pressure.

🐾Use inside the house first - Your dog is most comfortable in his territory. The environment in which your pup is located plays a huge role in the learning process. Minimize distractions and use in a comfortable setting if you're starting out.

🐾Make sure your dog is calm and cool - While this may seem like an impossible task, it's best to make sure your dog is relaxed when first using the collar. You don't want him bouncing around at the end of the leash like a bass on a fishing hook.

🐾Reward good behavior - Although your pup will learn on his own how the collar works, it's good practice to reward your companion when they're doing a good job. Give them a treat or an acknowledgment. Besides, who doesn't love watching that tail wag with appreciation?