100% Compostable Dog Waste Bags

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Are your dog waste bags really degradable?

Most "degradable" dog waste bags are made using a plastic called HPDE. 

Do you know what else is made from HPDE?

❌Milk jugs

❌Shampoo bottles

❌Cereal bags

❌Bread bags

In order to make these plastics "degradable", companies add an agent that rapidly fragments them into smaller and smaller pieces.

These plastics are commonly called OXO-biodegradable.

The fragmentation process continues until the plastics have been reduced to their molecular and polymer sizes. 

These are known as microplastics.

🐾Once in this form, the plastics will take hundreds of years to fully biodegrade.

In the meantime, these microplastics are consumed by sea life, birds, and mammals.

Including humans.

The effects of this ingestion can be catastrophic for wildlife and detrimental to humans.

In fact, recent studies have discovered microplastics inside human organs.

It's no secret that humans have an unhealthy attachment to plastics.

While we may never be able to eliminate this problem, we can certainly do our part to help.

That is why our compostable dog bags are made from just three natural ingredients:

🌱Corn Starch

🌱PLA (Polylactide) - A product made from corn waste

🌱PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate) - A 100% biodegradable, non-toxic byproduct of petroleum. 

Our doggie waste bags can biodegrade in roughly 90 days, returning to where it came from... the Earth.

However, don't let this property fool you. These bags are durable, leak proof, and able to withstand the biggest piles.

Make the Earth, and your neighbor happy with these 100% compostable dog waste bags.