Dental Dog Ball

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Stinky breath and dirty doggie teeth?

It's the story as old as time. The classic dog yawn to the face as you become faint and woozy from the hot smell. That's where this ball comes in. It was designed to freshen up that funk and knock that brown gunk off your dogs teeth all while having a good time doing it.

If you're dog doesn't mind a good brushing, this ball is still great for slathering with peanut butter or filling with kibble. Toss it in the freezer and make them work for their treats!

The small size ball is great for those of you with small pups (25lbs and under) and the large size works well for medium to large dogs. 


🐾Cleans teeth and gums

🐾Freshens breath

🐾Keeps dog engaged and interested

🐾Expends energy with little preparation


🐾Silicone spikes gently remove debris from teeth

🐾Made with durable silicone

🐾Pack with treats, peanut butter, or doggie toothpaste for an easy clean. You can also place a bigger chew in the center of the ball.


Keep one of these slathered with peanut butter in the freezer for rainy days when your dog is restless and you don't want to play outside. It will keep them occupied and mentally wear them out. Win/win!

Includes 1x Dental Dog Ball

Please note: Due to the rough nature in which this product is used, we cannot offer our 90 day refund policy. If you feel the product has underperformed, please email us at and we will be happy to hear you out and discuss return/refund options.
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