Safety Wrist Strap for Retractable Leash

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Would you advise your family member not to wear their seat belt while riding in a car?

Sure, the chances of getting in a car accident are slim but I think we can all agree that wearing your safety belt is generally a good idea.

The same goes for your retractable leash. You're not likely to drop it, but wouldn't you rather be prepared in case you did?

Dropping your retractable leash can easily frighten to you dogs and send them running.

Once the leash is out of your hand, you have no control over where they decide to dash off to which makes this occurrence a dangerous one.

Your dogs could run into the street, run up to an unfriendly dog, or run to a person who mistakes your dogs for hostile. This could cost your dogs their lives or slap you with a hefty vet bill.

So, keep your pups safe with our safety wrist strap!

After all, it's much better to have health insurance before you have a heart attack and it's much better to have your retractable leash strapped to your wrist before you drop it.