Peanut Butter Lick Mat

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Does your dog hate getting baths?

All the wrestling, fighting and water... water everywhere! Giving your dog a bath can be an absolute mess. Make both your lives easier by giving your pup a distraction with this silicone food mat. Sometimes, the best answers are so simple.

This mat is lined with grooves that you can plug full of peanut butter or other ooey-gooey substance your dog loves to lick. The backside is covered in so many suckers it would make an octopus jealous.

Slather it up, stick it on the wall, and bathe with ease. Or just give it to your pup to show that you love em!

Pro Tip: Slather it then put it in the freezer for a while. Keep that pooch busy!


🐾Distracts pets from bathes, combing, shaving, or nail trimming

🐾Gives dog a fun way to eat treats

🐾Occupy your pup when they're a bit too antsy


🐾High strength suction sticks to multiple surfaces for multiple sized dogs

🐾Food-grade silicone

🐾Dishwasher safe

🐾15cm diameter

🐾Load up with multiple different substances


1x licking mat